Thursday, August 05, 2004

Swift Boats for Soft Money

I just read an interesting article on CNN about an ad run by Swift Boats for truth. The ad was not run by the GOP but by people supporting the GOP. I guess that makes it soft money right? The rules of engagement on this thing are pretty interesting. Does this mean that it's perfectly okay for rich democrats like George Soros and MoveOn to do things outside of the DNC but not the other way around? (I know the link does not have the DNC reporting this as acceptable but they did not deplore it either.)

Of course, I really don't think the Kerry people will be stupid enough to bite on this piece of bait. Do you really think they would bite the hand that feeds them? Could you imagine what would happen if they did though? Sorry Mr. Soros, move on MoveOn, the show's over BandsAgainstBush. Does anyone think for a moment that Kerry would stand a chance if he didn't have the great acting and editing skills of Hollywood behind him? I guess it makes for slightly better entertainment. We don't really need to see the entire election turned into a name calling match .

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