Thursday, December 09, 2004

The Intelligence Bill - Good news!

I have been reading for the past few days about how the intelligence bill will not be approved before the holidays. There are Republican senators that have done some work with it which has caused what many call an unnecesary delay to the bill. I've been looking around and for some reason it's Bush's fault. Okay, bear with me here. It is being lauded that Bush should come down from his mighty throne and force a vote.

Okay, what the hell is this crap? Why should the president have to push senators and congressmen around? Isn't there supposed to be some sort of balance between our three branches of government? I distinctly remember people complaining loudly when he came down for other vote requests. Particularly the bills that were written by his staff. Should it be the president's job to force another legislative branch? Okay, so I'm ranting. Forget I mentioned it. This is supposed to be a happy post. :)

Anyway, today has given us a vote spread we haven't seen in a long time. The house of Representatives has voted 336-75 to enact the changes. The bill moves to the Senate tomorrow for a vote there. It is suspected to take a vote similar to that in the House as a vote on a nearly identical bill was largely successful earlier. So, this time tomorrow, I'll probably be adding the update that says it's sitting on the president's desk. I'm sure someone will be complaining about it taking a whole day for Bush to sign it too. I'm waiting for it.

Whimsically Factoid/thought: Since Bush hasn't vetoed a bill yet should he start now? I could just imagine the tailspin over at the house of left. Man, if I wouldn't be pissed off at the man myself I might aquire a hyrnia from laughing.

Fortunately, he's already said that he'll sign the bill into law as soon as it hits his desk. Today we have good news for everybody!

UPDATE!: Today, Dec 8th, Chanukha. The intelligence bill has been approved 89-2 by the senate. I haven't seen any pictures or anything but I've heard that Kerry is absolutely beaming about this. I'm not 100% sure why but it's either because:

A) He had a hand in the bills creation
B) He just saved a bunch of money on his car insurance by switching to Geico
C) He just found out that Yasser Arafat's widow thinks he's hot. (Charlie has more on hot.)
D) One of those last minute changes to the bill read "all your base are belong to us".

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Did I miss something? Wasn't this supposed to be important of something? I guess the story here is that NO ONE DID A FRIGGIN' STORY!

Okay, here's the rant:

So why is it that no one is looking at the good. We're bloggers people! We're supposed to be able to blog on both the bad AND the good! This is a GOOD thing! This is just completely blowing the whole deal for me. Why should anyone read blogs anymore. None of the bigs are any good at commenting on the news. Can someone show me one...JUST ONE! Good report about the intelligence bill from someone within the top 30 blogs (Mortal humans and above) from either the 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th and I will continue to blog. If my demands are not met this site shall shut down for good!

Are we no better than the stupid media disaster leeches that we comment on? Where is our soul? What the hell are we doing here if not just whining about things? Can you just stand by and accept that a good thing is happening and not make note of it? Without saying that something GOOD has happened? Are we really so this sick with out political hatred that we can't accept bi-partisan happiness?


(These doors will go dark on Sunday if my request is not met. Yes, I'm that pissed at the sphere!)

Update Again: Okay, I'll stay up. Thank-you Teach and Ed for helping me realize that this is not the way to make a change. I'm thinking maybe I'll extend the Alliance's purpose to expand to the top ten, or maybe the top 30. Before I was just having fun, creative writing. If I have to include the whole list I'll be boycotting them as well as trying to drag them down every chance I get...which isn't much.

These top 30 sites have a responsibility to the rest of the blogosphere whether they like it or not. They are role models just like the basketball players that think beating up their fans is okay. They are role models in the sense of the steroid enduced baseball players. They're role models just as Dan Rather was supposed to be. They need to start acting like it or be taken down by the masses. Viva Le Revolutione!!!

I'll have a new war to fight. They've got until Sunday. Midnight.

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