Monday, March 02, 2009

Obama: A Wing and a Prayer

President Barack H. Obama is a very enigmatic speaker. The lofty, over-the-horizon gaze and the pace of his speeches could sell you anything from used cars, to bank bailouts, to snake oil, to environmental protection, to maybe even a cure for cancer involving Diet Coke and nuclear radiation. The man can convince and enamor you with a smirk, a lofty gaze and a well placed word. He is the pied piper of America and quite possibly the world.

Is he planning on piping our children out of town and away from their families? He already has. More young people showed up to vote for him than ever before. Was it a bad thing? Maybe, maybe not. Who am I to judge what has yet to be seen? America made a decision and decided to elect Barack H. Obama. He should be judged by his actions, not just words.

The part I am most wary about is his philosophy of politics and the commanding ability he possesses. A Democrat president with a majority Democrat House and majority Democrat Senate. With a wave of his hand and a wink of his eye he can push almost any policy he chooses with little regard for what it will do to the country. Whatever he pipes the rats in the house and senate will follow right out of town. He has what has been referred to as "mandate". He has the power to do what he wishes, when he wishes.

Now, I've been to college and paid attention in economics class, history class, English class, and...well..maybe I wasn't so hot for advanced math, but I know my algebra well enough. Taking my former education into account and looking at the policies our new President Obama plans to put in place scares the living hell out of me. I know he was also college educated at a much more prestigious college than me, but almost every policy he's pushing for goes directly against everything I ever learned in school.

This is what scares the hell out of me. Has my schooling been that horrible that everything I know is wrong? Is the president right on being left on every issue on the table today? I very much doubt that I am wrong in my own schooling. I do not wish to believe that concepts and ideas that have shown to fail in most "red" countries will somehow succeed in our own. The only hope in President Barack H. Obama I can see is if everything I know is wrong. I am wishing this on a wing and a prayer, because if I'm right we will have hell to pay in short order.

Good Luck Mr. President. You'll need it.


madeleine said...

I am not sure what your point is here. If you could state some facts it would help. Is Obama too left of center for your taste? Then say so. At least that way your readers will be able to comment intelligently.

American Warmonger said...


This site is pretty much defunct. I haven't blogged here in quite a while and really don't have too many non-spam readers.

I prefer not to get into internet arguments over facts and figures anymore so I don't focus on he said/she said too much. When I do blog I try and focus on ideology and sentiment over argumentative talking points of the day.

But since you asked and don't appear to be a robot, (you do sound like you're trying to set me up for an argument) I'm really not sure what to think of Obama yet. He's a deep rooted socialist liberal democrat. It's this agenda that I'm concerned with. I don't think the socialist liberal agenda will work very well, but he is my elected president and I will wait to see what happens.

Does this better clarify what I meant?

sam said...

Obama is a good man and good president.