Friday, March 06, 2009

A Letter to Rush

After hearing the travesty that came in the way of 25 DVD's I decided to write a letter to the "leader of the Republican party". If anybody out there would like to copy and paste this to resend the idea to him it would increase the chance of him actually paying attention to the message.


I'm sure you're well aware of the direct slap in the face Obama gave
to Gordon Brown earlier this week. The symbolic gesture of gifts was
so horrifically imbalanced as to provide you, Mr. Limbaugh, with a
unique opportunity. I'm sure you can do better that providing a man
that doesn't really watch movies with 25 DvDs. That's right, not even
blue ray disks, DvDs. Compared to the stationary set made from
Resolute wood, from the same sailing vessel The Resolute Desk in The
White House was made, I think it's safe to say, that you, Mr.
Limbaugh, can do a fair spot better.

So here's my suggestion to you sir. Send Gordon Brown an "apology care
package" from America. Let him know that not all Americans are
self-centered, egotists. I'm sure a collection of first edition, first
print books such as "Vogue's Book of Etiquette", "Pomp and
Circumstance" and others would help to edge the sentiment that
President Obama just made himself look like President Houghley.
Showcase his tactlessness by highlighting our own tactfulness.
Highlight his self-centeredness by presenting our own grace. This is
an opportunity to kick him when he's dumb.

I myself have not done the research into Gordon Brown and I am rather
vague on British politics, but I'd be willing to bet that you and your
crack staff could come up with a few items near and dear to him and
his family's hearts, or Britain's for that matter, that would be a
better representation of the relationship between our two great
nations than a cheap copy of Toy Story. I've seen you take sour
moments such as the ridiculous letter from congress and turn them into
a defiant and triumphant declaration of what America is truly made of.
Here is such a moment to rise to the occasion Mr. Limbaugh. Please
harness this moment.


[insert name here]


Anonymous said...

This is such an awesome story. Democrats totally twisted his words out of context. He used the term "Phony Soldiers" to describe people who have created fictional documents saying they served in the military when they have not and lying about things going on in Iraq.
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Anonymous said...

A lot of people will benifit from the first letter, Rush proved to be a much bigger man than Harry Reid by matching the bid price.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people will benifit from the first letter, Rush proved to be a much bigger man than Harry Reid by matching the bid price.

Anonymous said...

In the Detroit Freepress they ran an article about the American military starting to turn against the war in Iraq. Many of the troops are asking "Why are we in Iraq".
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ZetaClear said...

Apparently he seems to think so, and now can't wait 4 more years and bother to get the nomination and wants to debate Obama now.

sheds said...

Truly worth reading letter. Keep the posts coming.

Ashley Puryear said...

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